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I am trained in Transcendental Meditation, (TM) and have been practicing meditation for over 8 years. Meditation is the gateway to my work as a coach. All of my clients begin their sessions with guided meditation to support getting present, slowing down, and connecting within. Meditation practice offers over 150 mental, spiritual, and emotional benefits to your well being. It is life changing once you commit to creating 5-20 minutes of dedicated time in your day consistently.

Some of my personal breakthroughs have been:

Deeper clarity

Extended focus

More patience

Increased optimism

Peace of mind

Increased memory retention

Elimination of emotional eating

Enhanced self esteem

Better decision making and problem solving

Expansion in cognitive skills and creative thinking

What corporate clients are saying:

“Jen first introduced me to meditation during a very emotional period of my life, and almost immediately helped me to bring about a sense of calm and peacefulness that I had never experienced.  Practicing meditation in the beginning was a little challenging but with Jen’s understanding and encouragement, clearing my mind and being more self-aware, became a normal routine.

Jen was able to help me focus and be mindful of the mental clarity and physical well-being benefits of mediation.  Today when I am able to jump on a call with Jen, my immediate goal is to have her take me through a guided meditation.  Jen’s calm soothing voice and manner help me get through the busiest and most stressful days.  I can actually feel the tension and anxiety leave my body.

I am proud of Jen and what she has done to benefit my life and many others.  I am grateful to have Coach Jen in my life!”

~ Ken Forster, CFO, Almeida and Carlson


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