Welcome!  I am here to guide you to connect to your inner power.

I am a Cape Cod native specializing in transitional mindset coaching.

After spending 10 years in corporate sales I resigned from doing things that I don’t find fulfilling or meaningful so that I can spend my time leading my life doing what I love most….coaching people.

In 2016 I hired my first life coach and the fog was lifted from my lens in life.   I was leading my life based on a limited belief that if I married a great guy, had a dog, a picture-perfect home and made a lot of money, I would be happy.

I was making six figures, married my dream guy, had my fur baby, a beautiful home and was SILENTLY SUFFERING.

I switched jobs, industries, gained more licenses/certifications but internally my slow suffering overtook my mental/physical well being.

I needed an outside perspective, I knew this was not how my life was supossed to feel.  Here’s where the Life Coach came in and literally opened my eyes to clarity and expansion.  A year later I was enrolled at Health Coach Institute where I spent the following 2 years earning my health, life and transformational coaching certifications.  In 2019 I earned my Grief Coaching certification.


I now work part time coaching adults who are building their own coaching practice through the Health Coach Institute and I run my private Commit To Explore, Coaching business.

I do cartwheels out of bed to coach people who are committed to change so they can live a life they love.

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