We are taught CPR, first aid, the 911 call system, emergency evacuation procedures, fire and safety precautions… all great and necessary information for events that may or may not happen. Unfortunately, we are NOT taught how to handle the inevitable … death and grief.

This unexpected event has placed itself on your calendar, and you can’t reschedule, postpone, or delete it. The many emotions of grief are natural and normal; however, if not acknowledged and dealt with, prolonged grief can have negative effects on your life. No one can tell you how to navigate this wilderness of grief because no one really knows the personal relationship that you shared with your loved one.  

There are over 40 life experiences that can cause feelings of grief.  Divorce, loss of trust, loss of career and financial hardships, loss of faith, loss of health,  are some examples that result in grief.  

I’ll share an alarming statistic. Less than 2% of unresolved grief can affect every area of the body. Together we can work through your grief.

This is my promise to you.

When you are ready. You will experience growth through your grief and find gratitude in who you are becoming. I will pull from your inner strength with powerful, effective coaching tools and exercises to reduce the grief-related pain, fear, stress, anxiety and propel you forward to a fulfilled life of meaning and purpose. I won’t try to fix you … you are not broken. I won’t try to heal you … you are not sick. I won’t judge you … you are not to be judged. I won’t tell you what to do … I will help you take forward-moving action. I won’t push you … I will challenge you.

What I know to be true about grief:

The reason that we grieve is because we loved.
The emotions of grief are normal and natural.
Your grief is unique to you.
The way out of grief is through it.
Grief can teach us something about life if we allow it to.

If you are suffering and want support I am here to walk beside you. You don’t have to go through this alone.

I am here when you are ready.

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