Explore Grief Recovery

 Are you heart broken, devastated and emotionally numb?  Do you feel incomplete about a loss you experienced?  Did you know that there are over 40 significant losses that we can experience in a lifetime and that response to loss is grief?  

The Grief Recovery Method supports grievers through an action program for moving beyond death, divorce, and other losses.  This work allows you to become complete with your loss, healing from your pain and results in you moving forward with peace in your life.


Explore Life/Work Balance

Are you working at a corporation and feeling overwhelmed? Have you stopped doing the things you love? Do you want to feel more excited and energized about both work and life? I get it, I have been there too and one of my greatest joys is to help people who are stressed out, and burnt out, to find their spark again. By sharing very simple mindfulness and emotional intelligence tools I can help you bring more peace, presence, and balance back into your life.


Explore Revived Living

Do you go to sleep with the best of intentions only to wake up and find an excuse to not follow through?  Have you been trying to get your health and mind on track for months only to repeat your distractions over and over?

Are you operating on an auto pilot that you are unconscious to living?  How would you feel about the life your leading if you knew it was ending tomorrow?  What would you want to do different?  Why do you think you have more time?

I have been you.  I would love to connect for a breakthrough conversation to revive your mind.

My Process.

My coaching style is not for everyone.  I am the coach who is going to tell you the truth.

I will provide insights that you do not see because they are hidden in your blind spots.

I bring an abundance of love, compassion, support, clarity, accountability, enthusiasm, stretch  and experience into our partnership.

I have belief in you already.  I am on this journey with you and create the exact program that is right for your experience.